5 snooze pushes = 5 miles

5 snooze pushes = 5 miles

Everyone struggles. I struggled this morning because life happens. Wednesday was a long teaching day and meeting day. I stayed late working on a Post Tenure Review Binder that is due this Friday.  Plus my monthly girlfriend is paying me a visit this week.  Mentally and emotionally tired.

I didn't run Wednesday morning because I had to work on this binder and get things done..because sometimes there are not enough hours in the day. I felt the difference of not having my am run stress relief moment for me.

Today I had to get up, I had to run. There was an AM battle with the damn alarm. That went like this

 First time - it's too early, I just went to bed

Second time- it's too early and too dark and didn't I just go to sleep

Third time- I'm so tired and so warm

fourth time- I can skip today and make up the run on Friday

fifth time- Last day to work on binder, need to get up, need to get some energy, need to move, last run for Thursday.."F- it", I'm up

Internal battles and struggles.

Once I was up and moving and hitting the pavement with my twerk music mix I felt great. I was in my zone of happiness, my zone of me.

The morning may have started messy but the task got done. Sometimes that is just how that happens. :)

Bike, T, or Run

Bike, T, or Run

Day after  Debate #1: Recovery Run

Day after Debate #1: Recovery Run