Spring Count Down

Spring Count Down

Brisk Monday am4.44 mile run. Mindful that in 48 days spring will be here and the flowers will be out. Soon. Until then we have to get through winter and this month.  I feel like this month has gone by fast and yet slow. I have to make sure to focus on the positive things that have happened this month.

- New Year's Day Run

-New Year's Day Champagne with one of my girls

-Running in State #22 and seeing my family

-Participating in the Women's March with my Dad in St. Petes

-Having drinks and eating Grouper at Frenchy's with my dad on Jan. 20th and not watching TV

-Getting updates from another one of my badass girls who covered the weekend of the 20th

- Finding a new #23

-Running in different places throughout the city

-Staying at the Liberty Hotel

-Soul Cycle

-Black Girls Run group doing the winter Challenge

- Having a couple of 40 degree winter days

-Participating and standing in Solidarity with my fellow, Muslim, Immigrant, and Refugee peoples at Copley and Logan Airport

-Hearing an amazing homily around Matthew 5:1-12 and what it means to go to the mountaintop

-Supporting and running with a new running club in Lynn and Winthrop

-Weights and Zumba Strong with my Cal-Zone loves

-Being around loving and supportive friends


....and tomorrow I'll let my body rest

..and just like that.........it's February

..and just like that.........it's February

7 miles to the Madonna

7 miles to the Madonna