State #29 North Dakota

State #29 North Dakota

State 29 Highlight Recap:

Go Far Woman Race; Fargo, North Dakota

August 19, 2017

Total 958 women in all races

Half 170

Time 2:00:59

Overall 46/170

Division 14/36


1.     The Canadian national anthem was followed by the USA national anthem. That was a first for me. Two country national anthem

2.     Fargo Fire Department Men passed out the finishers medals and waited for us when we got done..ohh la la

3.     699 all women and 1 guy ran the race.

4.     We ran in West Fargo which was suburban hell. We got a running tour of the suburbs and it wasn’t great. Maybe for the first 2 miles then everything became the same.

5.     It was a quiet race not a lot of fans or people out.

6.     First race that no one talked to me while running or made a comment about my body.

7.     Thought they would have more information about women’s health and empowerment… Thought the women would be loud and

8.     Out of 699 women there were 7 women of color and I had met 4 of them.

9.     So glad I spent 4 days exploring the state of North Dakota and the real “ Fargo downtown” otherwise I would have missed out on so much and would have been pissed

10.  First all women’s half marathon

11. First time in the State of North Dakota, First time in a state in which I did not know the history, geographical landscape, or have an understanding of demographics of the landscape( a mostly, white, and white male space) Est. population from US census( July 1,2016 : 757,952; 87.9% white alone; 48% female. The female population has gone done since 2010 and the over all population has increased since 2010.

12. Did get to meet and have dinner with three other African-American women who are running in 50 states and 50 half’s as well. This was state #29 but it was their State #42, #18, #37.

13. For 6 miles I was going fast. I was averaging an 8.45 min mile pace. I had to slow myself down. In the end I burnt myself out.

14. Also, I had to fight my mindset because I was so annoyed at running throughout the suburbs for the whole race.

15. Part it was a running on sidewalks the whole time. Not a fan. I prefer the on street pavement. When I able to run on the road not sidewalk. I know some of the race guides got confused because I wasn’t “ following the direction" they wanted. I followed just on road not sidewalk

16. Tried to keep up with the pacer that was going to finish in 2 hours but she passed me but I still was able to finish in 2 hours. Explain that to me

17. Rookie mistake, didn’t put on sunblock. There was no shade, so after an hour, the sun came out in full force

18. I did get confuse while running, the sign and arrows were a bit confusing

19. So glad that I had my girl Maureen and Pepper show up. They came to state # 16

20. NO one took my picture. Which was odd. I don’t know if my black girls run headband made me look militant( because of the events in Charlottesville) or if they thought Maureen, pepper, and I were a lesbian family. Perhaps that might have been too diverse for them? Not sure. To date, I still haven’t found any pictures of me


Exploring this New State: Running Greenbook :

There aren't any African-American history museums nor did I say in reference or acknowledge of African-American contributions to the state of North Dakota.

The places I explored: Fargo, Grand Forks, Spirit Lake Reservation, Fort Totten, Ruby, Bottineau, International Peace Gardens, Bismarck, Mandan, Dickinson, Theodore Roosevelt National State Park-South Unit

Things to See in North Dakota:

1. Downtown Fargo, historic Fargo theater sign; One bar with a Roof top garden-bar

2.Rugby- Geographical Center of North America. Now it's been updated and its Center, North Dakota which is now the geographical center of the US. Ruby still is historic

3. International Peace Gardens- amazing. Bring a passport. Your in two countries but your not.

4.Bismarck- National Heritage Center- Learn about North Dakota history from past to present and its free. It's also on the grounds of the state capital building( largest building in the state of North Dakota)

5. Visit the Alley art in Downtown Bismarck

6. Mandan-  On Slant Indian Village is a must see in Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

7. Spirit Lake Reservation and Fort Totten

8. Stay in Dickinson before going to see the Teddy Roosevelt National Park. Can't leave the state without seeing it. The South Unit- 36 milescencic loop and you see all of the glories of nature

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