Last Friday of the Month-Pushing Boats and having fun

Last Friday of the Month-Pushing Boats and having fun

Last Friday of the Month of August!!!!! Where did summer go? Did I even have a summer?  WTF, Ugh. The season... back to school season is here. Celebrating this, I wanted to mix up the run, so I ran over to South Boston to Castle Island.

This morning, all before 6am, in South Boston I ran into: runners, walkers, dog walkers, people fishing, swimmers, homeless people; all of different shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, and colors. Good Morning Boston.

Because of the location and shape of Castle Island, I was treated to a Norwegian cruise line pulling in. I don't know why, but I got excited. I thought this would be a great photo opt.  My ass started running towards the ship. Even though it seemed as if I was going slow, it was going fast and I was not running fast enough! OMG so not a SPRINTER!!!! I was booking it.

Later on my Map my Run app, said I was running at a 6:35 minute pace. Hilarious. That did not last long.

Just a side-note. That was under 1 mile and I was tired and crazed. So, those elite runners that run a 4 minute mile and do marathons and half marathons......much respect. That shit ain't happening. Yes, Usain Bolt is amazing but can he keep that speed up for 13.1 or 26.2...whew....

When I got to the boat, I did what I call a " leaning Tower of Pisa" shot. Yes, I am pointing at the big boat.

I seriously, cracked myself up on the Last Friday am run of the month. Too much fun by 6:30? Maybe not. Getting the weekend started on a good foot.

I was thinking about the history of South and East Boston. South Boston is very different from my East Boston. East Boston was the Italian neighborhood, South Boston was the Irish Neighborhood and both were at odds. Both neighborhoods of Immigrants, both neighborhoods of Catholics, and Both Neighborhoods that should not be crossed by the other.

Southie is the home of Whitey Bulger. A great story of the "south and east" is All Souls : A Family Story from Southie   by Michael Patrick MacDonald and Common Ground: A Turbulent Decade in the Lives of Three American Families by J. Anthony Lukas . Both books I have used in my Urban Sociology Class and Social Inequality class.  Very much based the movie "The Departed"

Now, ironically, both have been gentrified by the white yuppie establishment , 

East Boston has a majority Latino population now 57.6%; 77.5% of residents are white in South Boston( American Community Survey, March, 2016).

East Boston 19.3 % have Bachelor's Degree or higher; South Boston 55.3% have a Bachelor's Degree or higher ( American Community Survey, March 2016)

MedianHouseholdIncome: East Boston: $50,385; South Boston $73,485

Both are highly valued waterfront and property areas and both are very different demographically yet, both have areas are dealing with gentrified overpriced and out priced real estate. 

Fun thoughts on a Friday!



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