72 hours in a weekend: 5k, First Medal, Chariety Pub Crawl, 11 miles, and Fainting

72 hours in a weekend: 5k, First Medal, Chariety Pub Crawl, 11 miles, and Fainting

This was a jammed packed weekend of go..go..go.

Saturday September 10

This was the day, I was running a 5k with my Black Girls Run Boston chapter. We were running in the Road to Wellness 5k walk/run from the Dimock Center. My loveof thisrace came from the first year inauguralrace. To have a true urban race in the city ofRoxbury was beyond super exciting. And last year Michael Bevins from Bell Biv Devoeand   New Edition came out to support the race. This race tries to get more blackand brown people involved in running/walking to behealthy.

Last year 500 people came. This year over 830 people came out. Hopefully next year we will be over 1,000 people.

VT- Day

Not only was it the day of the 5k race but it was also the day that my Alma Mater was playingUniversity of Tennessee at the Bristol Speedway. I had to wear my Hokie Colors to support.

Medal Winner

This year I pushed myselfrunning the 5k. I thought it would be good practice for state number #18 the following week. I knew I ran a 5k faster than normal but I didn't have a clue about my time in relationship to others. After the race , I was talking with my fellow BGR sisters when the medal award ceremony was happening. Then I heard in third place: Tiffany Chenault". What?! I got a placed medal? They said my name again. My craziness ran to the stage saying " I'm here, I'm here". I believe I did a happy dance when I got on stage.

The beauty of this, my BGR sisters were there to witness me showing my ass. Loved it. After that event I had to go to event #2 that day

Charity Pub Crawl

My friend Kathy has been doing a Charity Pubcrawl for 9 years. They use to have 11 bars/pubs to go to. This year it was 5. You pay a Pub Crawl fee and get a shirt. At the first bar everyone writes down a Charity they want to money to go to. If your charity is pick, then that is the one we support for the crawl.

My first time I put in the National Pancreatic Cancer Association. And guess who's charity got picked! MINE- DOUBLE SATURDAY WIN


Today, in honor of the day, I ran 11 miles before going to church. From the running and drinking I was slower than normal but I completed the task. When I got home I realized I was running late to church. As I was rushing, I didn't eat or drink anything because I hate to be late.

Shocker..not really, I fainted in church. I've never done that before. One moment I was standing and the next I was looking at people looking down on me. No clue what happened. My church community is great. They gave me a cold compress, fanned me down, gave me water, rubbed my shoulder, held my hand, and the doctor in church checked my pulse.  They brought communication to me because people didn't want me help.

I told everyone, why I fainted. I knew exactly what caused it. There was some sigh of relief when I explained myself. After church I went to the parish house for coffee and doughnuts. Then everyone was telling me their fainting stories and teasing me about getting attentio.

Red light Special Tuesday

Red light Special Tuesday

September First Friday: Surprise and  Bridge Pause

September First Friday: Surprise and Bridge Pause