Getting over Obstacles

Getting over Obstacles

Back at it! First time running back in my hood since last week. I still feel so " out of practice" when I don't run for long periods of time.  This was my 10k humpday in 38 degree weather.

The No'easter was gone and the streets were all mine. On my first day of running, I had to pause twice because two different bridges went up before 7am in the morning.

So typical of life.....obstacles are always in your way. Just when you think you overcome one...pop...there is another. I cross both bridge sand was a little late going to campus. I went beyond my 10k run this morning. My pace was slow but this was first time running back in a while.  I'll be getting ready for #23

Late January Winter Beach  Run

Late January Winter Beach Run

No'Easter = No am run=  Stacking

No'Easter = No am run= Stacking