Running  can be  scary

Running can be scary

Last a.m. run before State #30. 10.21 milesthis morning. Unlike yesterday( rest day, it was 49 degrees in the a.m.) it was 59 degrees out and still dark. I had to get the long run in because next saturday it will be 13.1

As I was running I noticed all the typical Halloween decorations on yards. But stood out was a dragonand Frankenstein. Clearly I'm a slow runner because if any of those things were real I would be a goner. LOL.

I appreciated the cool steady run and getting my body back on track. I need to be mindful to hydrate and fuel my body right over the next 96 hours. As I was listening to my body, new running shoes are onthe " MUST GET" list for today. It's time and I can feel it.

Knock onwood....Still healthy, Still Strong, and ready for the dirty thirty

Look left and up  because running is historic

Look left and up because running is historic

You have two choices

You have two choices