13.1 on Boston Marathon Route

13.1 on Boston Marathon Route

Today I got the experience of running on the Boston Marathon. This time the real race and Boston Marathon route experience. The Heartbreak Running Company bused people to the start line for free and then busing them back to the HRC. The HRC is at mile marker 20. We ran from the start of the line in Hopkinton, MA to Wellesley Mass, for 13.1 miles .

I got the BM experience. We went on a school bus and we had to wait and wait. I thought we would be running the course at 9a.m. but we didn’t run it until 10a.m. I was at HRC at 8 because the buses were loading at 8:35. Lessons I learned. We were all going to run it together( at least start together). I should have brought extra snacks and water because of the wait. There were two water stations. One at the half way marker and one at the end.

-Not to self: I need to fuel up every three miles, that way I won’t be empty or tired. I didn’t bring anything with me because it was 13.1 miles, I was so mistaken.

-There were 4 “ black folks” on all the buses total.

The weather was just right for running. 40 degrees out and not too hot.

I saw for the first time the start of the BM, which was exciting.


Hopkinton,Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley ..all Route 135

The course itself is mostly flat. There are inclines and minor uphills. Running when there is a lot of traffic and people, we had to be extra mindful.

-Since there was over 100 of us, we were a large group that people took notice. I think they may be use to people running this route this time of year anyway.

I start off too fast. I was running a 9:15 min/mile. I need to slow it down. All the treadmill and track workouts helped, my body and legs felt great. I just didn’t have enough gas for my car. I can’t let that be my down fall.

I tried to image what it would be like on race day. The “ Wellesly” tunnel that people talk about with all the ladies cheering and giving runners kisses, how exciting and what a motivational boost that will be.

While running, I saw the gentrification and the racial differences/populations of the communities we ran through. Of course I wanted to stop and take pictures but I had to keep going.

I ran 13.40 in 2:09:44. 9:41/min/mile. There were 3 people that were my pacers. I tried to follow them, and that is what helped me to get over that hump.

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