State #20: Michigan- International

State #20: Michigan- International

#20 The Detroit Free Press Marathon

Sunday October 16, 2016

Bib #208099

Finished   Time : 1:59:07

Overall time: 1,466 out of 11,233

Female: 490 out of 6,972

40-44 female age group 71 out of 1017



1.       State #20 andit was international. First time running with a passport. That bad boy was wet when the race was done

2.       This was the first “Race/Health Expo” I attended that pretty much sucked. There was no good freebies for snacks, shirts, or anything that I am use to. Not many samples or fun give a-ways. It was just yuk. I wasn’t impressed.

3.       This race was extra monitored by police on US and Canada side, Border Patrol on both sides, Police boats on the Detroit River, and there might have been something flying in the sky

4.       The Canadian Border Patrol men were very attractive. AsIwas running I was trying to flirt with my eyes to them but I realized that my flirting may be misinterpretedand I had to ask myself “ why I was trying to flirt while running?!” LOL

5.       Last time I was in Detroit was 5 years ago. Before there was an emptiness to the downtown. Now there was a whiting of downtown and I could see the gentrification process happening.

6.       Black GirlsRun - Detroit hosted a meet and greet forother BGRs from all over;  Detroit, Boston, Indianapolis, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, South Jersey, Atlanta. Just amazing. The restaurant, "I luv Cheese" was filled with black women who run. When I was asked where I'm from I said Boston and this restaurant, which was filled with black women all gave me a big “ what’s up Boston!!!!”. That never happened. Then I saw some BGRs from my #9, Indianapolis, they remembered me. Coolest thing ever

a.       Since I’ve been doing this for 15 months many of the ladies remembered me from running in their states or seeing my post on the BGR site or BGR ambassador site or just from following me on facebook.  Starting to be apart of a community of runners and women to interview .

b.       My dad and my cousin walked in with me. I think there was just too much estrogen in the restaurant and my cousin took my dad across the street for a drink, while I hungout with my sole sisters.

c.    Black Women of all shapes, sizes,  ages and hair textures were running the half or a full marathon. Some of the ladies ran in Chicago( marathon) the week before and were running this weekend

7.       Dad and I stayed with our cousin( one of the great things about doing 50-50-50). My cousin Vi is a runner, so she really gets it. She was going to run with me but unfortunately she couldn’t run because of her knee. She was extremely bummed out. I told her we would run a race together. I still have to hit Wisconsin

a.       Race started at 7am and my cousin suggested we leave at 6:15am. My energy and look let her know that could not happen before I said anything. LOL. She is the type of runner who just gets there and run. I told her that is not my case and process. I like to get to races an hour or so early to mentally and physically prepare.We could leave the house by 5:30am at the latest( I would have preferred 5am) that was my compromise.

8.       Best race weather ever for October. 66 degrees, light breeze. I didn’t need to layer up!

9.       I saw more racial and ethnic diversity in this race. Women wearing/running with their hijab- 2 women) and Sikh men, who had their hair covered, and Indian/Southeast Asian women and men running.  I know a lot has to do with the Detroit/Michigan population of Lebanese and other Arab and Arab-American population in the community.

10.   After taking our BGR photo I ran to my corral. I did freak out for a second because they were singing the start spangle banner and it was early. I was in corral D but I couldn’t get their fast enough. I settled for corral E. It was close enough and I still had some time to get mentally ready before the start clock.

11.   Around mile 3 is when we started towards the Ambassador bridge which goes over to Canada. That was an incline of a hill to get up. I didn’t curse because it was way early. The view was stunning. Running over this bridge in the early Detroit morning twilight, seeing the outline of the city and the Detroit river….ohhhh. I wanted to take a picture but with Border Patrol and Police everywhere, I was not going to chance anything. I have to go with my mental memory

12.   I didget excited to run into another country. I had to take pause and think about that for a moment. How privileged am I to run to another country for fun. Not for survival. Part of the underground railroad went up to Canada. Crossing the Detroit river was for freedom and survival and to get to that point was a struggle. My ass paid to run across borders for fun. Lots of meaning about "crossing" borders as an African- American person especially in this political election climate we are currently in.

13.   When we crossed over the boarder someone said on a speaker “ Welcome to Canada, your safe now”. A bunch of us just busted out laughing

14.   On this route I saw a man runningwithout shoes and a firefighter with his shoes and full gear running thisrace

15.   I had a lovely tour of Windsor Canada and the Sculpture Park in Windsor. The Canadians were supportive and cheering for everyone. Great crowd.  I saw some apartments for rent and a house for sale…just saying

16.   My freak out moment(  first time this happened): To get back to the US we ran under the Detroit- Windsor Tunnel. This tunnel was narrow, dark, and hot. I had no gauge for how long we were running under the tunnel, under water. I didn’t know if I was still in Canada or the US. I felt my heart beating really fast. Then I thought if I fainted how could an ambulance get to me because it was so tight in this tunnel. I started to run fast because I wanted to get the hell out of there.

a.       I did finally see a Canadian fly and US fly painted on the way. Clearly passing the US flag, I knew I was no longer in Canada. How long until I would emerge from this tunnel? I felt people getting closer to me because the was limited room.

b.       While running in a panic mode, a woman of African descent looked at me and smiled at me. That was our acknowledgement of each other. I appreciated that. I calmed down a bit because I wasn’t alone in this.

c.       When I saw a little bit of light, I think I ran even faster. When we came out, there was fresh air, wider pavement, and crowds cheering to welcome us back. But my heart was still beating super fast. I knew I was ok and had to get water to calm myself down.

17.    Back in the US and my thought “ Canadian Border Patrol are still so much hotter than US” and “ Back in US, whatever..ugh..LOL”

18.   Overwhelmed by the massive crowds on both sides of the street in Detroit. Exciting! Plus room and air. One man bumped into me twice while I was running. Not sure what that was about, so I had to pass him and run even faster so he would stop bumping into me..damn

19.   Comingout of tunnel it was mile 8. 5.1 miles to run. At the first water stop I stopped and counted to 30 to “ calm my shit”. I never realized how much energy being “panicked “ takes from you. After my stop and water, my heart rate was still up high. It went down a bit from the tunnel but I had to mentally calm down more. The next two water stops, I stopped and counted to relax myself while running.

20.   I was enjoying my tour of downtown Detroit when I passed the 11 mile marker. I had two miles to get my shit in gear and crank up the arms and energy. I saw a pacer. She had a 9:06 minute mile sign. That is what I wanted. I wasn’t sure if it was for the half or full but I made that my target, my motivation. I kept my eyes on her.

21.   While getting close to the home stretch someone had a sign that read “Run like Trump is grabbing your Pussy” . Dying!!! The best. Trump can’t grab this.

22.   Near the end I didn’t know where the turn off point would be for the half and full. Literally up until mile 13 is where we split off. At the .1 , the half folks went off to the right and the full folks kept going straight. When I saw the arrow pointing to where the half folks go, I cranked up to the fullest that I could.

23.   My dad and my cousin Vi both saw me passed the finish line and my cousin Vi exciting for me, calling my name and jumping up and down. Love family.

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