State #1 Massachusetts

State #1 Massachusetts

State #1 Massachusetts: The great Hyannis RoadRace:  35th Johnny Kelley Half Marathon. 

May 24, 2015.

600 people; Placed 269 overall.  24/75 41-44 Female Division Time: 2:00:06; Pace 9:10 


  1. This was my first half on this journey. Even though I live in Massachusetts I had never been to Hyannis or really spent time on “ the cape”. This was a great first venture out.
  2. From Falmouth ( where my friend was staying) to Hyannis it took me a good two hours. Of course I got lost. But I made it.
  3. Phone was dying. I used it as my gps and I needed to charge it. I found a nice McDonalds and hung out….the beauty of arriving early.
  4. For as much wealth as this area is supposed to have there were homeless and people with special needs that I saw at McDonalds at 6 in the morning.
  5. So glad this race started at 8:15am.  
  6. I loved that we ran along the coast. It was gorgeous and I saw some amazing homes. 
  7. Yet miles 8-10 we had to have hills and inclines. And that of course is when the sun started to come out.
  8. I started playing a tag game. I would tag someone, in my head and surpass them... at least make it a goal to try.. Once I did that, I would tag someone else. Clearly this worked well because I finished in 2 hours. My first half I finished in 2:10:52. Not bad for someone who has just finished a marathon.
  9. I was a bit sad when I didn’t see my friends at the finish line. They came long after I was finished and it was disappointing. I wanted to have some support. I was so overwhelmed by the support I got from the marathon I thought I would get the same.  To be fair after the race, we hung out, drank, ate, and had fun
State #2 Connecticut

State #2 Connecticut