State #27: Wisconsin

State #27: Wisconsin

Summerfest Rock n’ Sole   State #27

Milwaukee, WI June 10,2017

Finished: 2:08:15   Pace: 9:48

Overall 868th out of 2,188; Female: 349th out of 1,219 ; Female 40-44 37th out of 137


Result Details

IntervalTimePace   Distance     Time of Day

5K   28:52   9:18           5K           7:34:11AM

10K59:00   9:30       10K          8:04:19AM

15K 1:28:249:29      15K        8:33:43AM

10 Mile 1:37:069:43   16.09344K8:42:25AM

Finish 2:08:15   9:4821.0824064K9:13:34AM


Flying there:

1.       Bos- LGA- MKE. First time I was first seat on the airplane. 1D from LGA to MKE. I’ve gotten first class before but never the first seat on the airplane.

2.       Lake Michigan is big, who knew. We flew over it for over 20 minutes. And its not ever the biggest of the HOMES great lakes

3. In the airport and hotel the Tv's were all on the Comey Testimony/Hearing. 

The Green Book Running Guide:

- City landscape, wide streets, Riverwalk, and bridges rising up over the Milwaukee river reminded me of Chicago. 

-Has a strong German, Scandinavian feel with the architecture as well.  When you get near Marquette University, it feels Catholic and somewhat French.

-Oh how I love a happy hour. This is the city for it. Unfortunately I had to be mindful that I was running. Several drinks were explored this weekend.

- The Fonz on the Riverwalk. I felt a Laverne and Shirley theme wanting to come out.

-Wisconsin Street,  one of the main streets had amazing sculptures and works of art along the street.

-There was an absence of non-white spaces and people. Walking around there were a couple of Wisconsin historical facts that acknowledge their African-American history. I didn't see anything that discussed the native American presence or any other group. It could have been the sections of town I was in. Milwaukee is a very segregated city.

-Historic third ward make me think of New Orleans (at least in the name). I learned this use to be the Italian Section of town and the black folks knew not to "go down there".

-3rd Street, which turns into Martin Luther King Street is the "African-American" section of town. It used to be the "German side" of town.

* The 1940s Green Book listed homes on 45 E 11st Street and 97 S. Seymour St in FOND Du LAC as Tourist homes for Black Motorist. To this day, some 77 years later, this is still the mostly African-American area of Milwaukee.  As the city is being gentrified and changing, this area is still the same.

 - On Friday after 7pm the city closes down.

-Beads and Buttons Convention Show was happening during race week as the summerfest race. I couldn't for the life of me understand why all the hotels were super expensive and close to being sold out. I founnd my answer and learned about the Beads and Buttons show which is a national and international show for all sorts of crafts...who knew? I guess I do now. 

Race Day:

1. My homie Yolanda took the train from Chicago (hour and half, plus she was State #17) to see me and run in her second 5k.

2. My cousin who lives in Milwaukee was kind enough to pick us up at 6am and drop us off for the race. He was an awesome host to give us a tour and history of the city.

3. It was going to be 90 degrees. When we ran at 7am it was already 69 degrees with open clear blue sky. By the time I finished the temperature was in the high 70s.

4. Summerfest is an event that happens in late June through early July. It has been going on for 50 years. This race was apart of the festivities.

5. There was a 5k, quarter marathon, and half marathon.

6. Saw a man wearing pink booty running shorts...You be you!

7. There was one man wearing a BMR (Black Men Run) T shirt. We acknowledged each other.

8. We passed the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower on running route.  It's the " largest four-faced clock ".

9. Then we run onto the Hoan Bridge (tied-arch bridge)  which is also known as "The Bridge to Nowhere". This was the bridge in the car chase scene of The Blues Brothers Movie. It was only for a couple of miles but it felt like..forever. Being high up and the sun and heat radiating from the concrete, my legs felt weak but I was not stopping until I got to the bottom of the bridge. This is where I first felt my body overheat.

10. Once off the bridge, I knew it would be mostly flat. I wasn't expecting the uphill on mile 7. I was hot and angry at this point. Since we were running along the lakefront. I saw random people walking, riding bikes, or walking with their yoga mats.  My thoughts "screw you all".

11. It wasn't until we came down the hill that I started to fill some of the breeze from the lake. It wasn't enough. It was a tease. A gentle breeze then nothing. Then a little breeze then nothing again.

12. I was too pissed and hot to tag people as I normally do.  I didn't do that until mile 10. I knew just 3.1 miles to go and I needed some motivation to keep running. If I stopped and walked then that would prolong my annoyance and hotness.

13. - After mile 10 a woman ran up to me and told me that I was the most beautiful or prettiest person on this route. I thanked her. After that she slowed down and wasn't running next to me.  Really? Who would say that to another person while running, especially when it's super hot. Yet, again and I don't know why, people always like to say shitz to me while I'm running. WHY?

14. I wore a butterfly pin that my most wonderful Aunt Vern gave me before she passed. She lived in Milwaukee and I wanted to honor while I was running in her city.

15. With 1.5 miles left,  the 2:05 pacer had passed me.  I tried my best to catch up to him. In the end I couldn't.

16. Normally when I cross the finish line, I'm still standing. This time I had to lay down on the grass.


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