State #26 West Virginia

State #26 West Virginia

State #26 West Virginia

The getting over the halfway mark hump.

Harper’s Ferry Half Marathon and 5k, Harper’s Ferry West Virginia

May 13,2017

Time: 2:18:29

Place 164/367

Pace: 10:34

Division Place: 13th age 40-44

The hills, the hills, the hills. Uphill and steep. This was the HARDEST race to date. It was a race that was painfully beautiful race.


1.       I was so surprised and beyond words excited to See Marky there. I met Marky a year ago, to the day for State #15, which was on Mother’s day. I randomly see her a year later at this race during registration pick up. She had decided to run this race last minute and I happen to be there too. Soo wonderful.

2.       This was the first time I ran a course that I needed running shoes that were also cleats and boots. There were so many steep up hills, gravel, dirt, mud, and pavement.

3.       A cheerer had said “ Get in there girl, get in there”- I have no clue as to what any of that means.

4.       This was a small with a little over 500 people.

5.       The light rain and coolness helped with all the uphills.

6.       First time I was told to make sure to walk over the bridges because it's very slippery and you can fall in the water.

7.       The change of terrain, I was afraid I was going to bust a knee cap.

8.       I saw three African women and a couple of black men running the race.

9.       I kept running up those damn hills, it might have been a slow jog but I didn’t want to stop because I knew if I did I might run again. Several people mention my push and how I was their pacer.

10.   The first 3 miles we ran in a field through grass. Considering the history of Harper’s Ferry I wondered if this is what some of the slaves who might have escaped had to go through. It was just crazy with the grass.

11.   Mile 8 was my sweet spot. I knew that is where the Guide Shake Café would be and that would be my point.

12.   For two miles I didn’t listen to my radio but just listen to the sound of the Shenandoah River.

13.   I’m so glad I checked out the running route before the race so I knew what to expect or at least I knew where the markers would be. I was not prepared for this.

14.   Before the race I saw a family of deer and I saw mile 13 was up a grassy hill. Then running it, I pretty much crawled up the hill as I was trying to get up it. This was after running 2 miles up a steep hill, then running through the hills and the grassy hill.

At the end of the race a couple of people said hey good job pink. I made sure to have on my mother’s day flower and my fight like a girl cancer shirt to honor my mother.



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