State #35 New Mexico

State #35 New Mexico

Albuquerque Half Marathon

Albuquerque, New Mexico

April 14, 2018

516 participates for the half

223 participates for 10k

220 participates for 5k

Place : 269/516.  2: 09:58.9

F 40-44- 12th

First  NEW STATE for 2018. #3rd state west of the Mississippi

This is a brown space physically and with demographics It’s the 47th state in the union with less than 2.1 million people with a 10% native population. 48.5% Hispanic or Latino, and 2.5% Black or African- American.

Money Matters: Getting there:

I went through Priceline and got a flight for $237.66 from Boston. I had to leave on Tuesday and come back on Saturday for that price. I flew American going from BOS- DFW- ABQ. Going back I flew Jet Blue leaving at 11:55pm going to JFK-BOS.

Then I got a cozy full house Airbnb that was downtown for $ 201.08 from Tuesday to Saturday. I could and did walk to the heart of downtown.

Car rental, through priceline was $216.24 for a Standard size SUV. Nissan Rouge which was supper nice.

 Highlights Exploring Albuquerque and Santa Fe

1.Amazing murals throughout the city of ABQ. My first full morning I ran 6 miles around downtown. To my delight I also ran on historic route 66. There were so many amazing murals, I can't count how many times I had to stop on my running route

2. I crossed off Four Corners off my bucket list.

3. Visiting the Navajo Reservation and several reservations getting to four corners

4. My girlfriend from Colorado flew in to hang out with me for a couple of days.

4. Visited Old Town Albuquerque. First sighting of all the Chilis

5. Santa Fe was another unique city in New Mexico.  There we visited the Palace of the Governor, Loretta Chapel and the amazing staircase, Basilica and more.

6. I learned that wine was produced here in 1629 and that there are many wineries in New Mexico. After the race I visited Casa Rondena...loved it!

7. To see and run over the Rio Grande was just grande within itself

The Race


1.       Race started and finished in different spots. I’m not a fan of that but what can you do.

2.       We ran across the Rio Grande River

3.       Race route was a mixture of dirt/trail, pavement of the suburbs, and some highway

4.       We passed a winery, which I went back to after the run. Found out that New Mexico was the first state to produce wine 1629

5.       Saw a man riding a horse and passed a horse ranch

6.       While running with my earbuds in a man decided to talk to me and tell me that I was running a good pace. I thanked him. Then he proceeded to talk to me. I hate that. I chatted with him for a bit. Then I had to stop

7.       While running on the highway, one of the female runners( she was ahead of me), felt the need to signal to all the cars that went by to honk. Every time one did she would cheer.

8.       Only saw one female of color police officer on the route. I had to give her an extra thanks.

9.       There was a “ flat” uphill incline around mile 9

10.   The wind would not stop blowing. It was like resistance training while running

11.    Despite the sun, my hands stayed cold for all 13.1 miles

12.  Tried to use a pot-o-potty but I always fall short

13. Saw some of the women from Black Girls Rock 50 states. So wonderful to see them

District of Columbia #BostonBGRgirlgang

District of Columbia #BostonBGRgirlgang

State #34 Colorado

State #34 Colorado