District of Columbia #BostonBGRgirlgang

District of Columbia #BostonBGRgirlgang

D.C. is not a state.  My mission is to run a half marathon in every state. Again, D.C. is not a state. But alas, my wonderful Boston Black Girls Run sole sistas wanted to run a race out of state. They wanted to travel. As I have run in many states, I'm always amazing, overwhelmed, warm hearted, jealous, and inspired to see Black Woman run and travel together to different races in different states. Opportunity happen when the National Women's  Half Marathon was having their inaugural race on April 29, 2018.  Registration stated at $1. The Boston BGR crew sent the invite and word out and eight of the ladies committed to go to D.C. to run out of state and in this inaugural race.

Now I was on the fence. My "must race half states dates" are 1. My birthday, Mother's Day, My mother's Birthday, and her passing  day. Since that was my birthday weekend, there was a race in Oklahoma. I could check off a state and run on my birthday. The more I thought about I realized the cons vs. the pros of running in Oklahoma. My last two birthday's I ran with family and friends. Oklahoma, I would celebrate my birthday by myself.

D.C. I could be with my BGR family and I have family and friends in the D.C. area. Plus as one of the ambassor's for BGR Boston, this was the first time we had done anything like this. Not only was this huge but this was extremely important. Hands down D. C.  So we can say 50 states and D.C.

Getting There

--ohhh Child, what a wet and rainy mess. I left on Friday and was going to fly back on my birthday, Monday, April 30th. On Friday I had a state wide union meeting at Bridgewater State University which is an hour away. When I left my meeting early it was raining hard and traffic was horrible. Long story short it took two and a half hours to get to the airport. It was a good thing I had packed my suitcase in the car and live walking distance to the airport.

My original flight plan was BOS-LGA-DCA. The weather was horrible, I missed my flight the new route: BOS- DTW( Detroit)- DCA( Reagan). I didn't get to DCA until 9pm.


I was staying in Crystal City, which is the Pentagon stop on the metro. There is biking/running path near by. Actually the hotel had running routes. I was able to run 6 miles on the Mt. Vernon Trail which was along the George Washington Memorial Parkway on the left side and the Potomac River on the Right side.

As I ran in the morning I had a fantasy that President Obama or Olivia Pope might be running on the same trail with me in that morning. A woman can have her dreams.  When I  reached the 3 mile miler I turned back  to the hotel. I had so much to do that I couldn't take too much time to leisure run.

I met my grade school friend for bunch at Founding Farmer's ( where the Obama's eat) and we later saw some of the Burning Man exhibits in the city as we explored. Then for fun she took me by President Obama's current house. Of course that place is on lock down and we almost got arrested by the D. C. police. Later we sat, drank and talked to some when we saw Sen. Al Franken walk by to get food.

I had to leave early to go to Chinatown for the D.C. ambassador's BGR meet up. I was meeting my Boston crew along with ladies from D.C. metro area, Raleigh, N.C, and Atlanta.   Her was a room full of black women who were running tomorrow. They were of all ages, sizes, and running experiences.

So of the D.C. women I talked with mention how they run, travel, and shop together. And when I say travel, they travel to Europe to run races together. Can we talk about race and social  class.

Anyway. My Boston crew showed up and I was beyond the moon happy to see them. One of the members picked  up my bib number for me and she made everyone Boston Strong shirts and a goodie bag. Seriously...Love.

Then the ladies surprised me with a cake and  paid for my dinner. That would not have happened in Oklahoma.


Race day. It was freaking  cold. I was not prepared. It was unclear where the start line was. After a brisk walk and following people we made it to the start. Over 8,000 women running and walking.

Not the women's North Dakota race.

1. More women

2. More Diversity of women

3. More products that catered to women

4. Women talked and acknowledge you on the route

5. More Black women and most were apart of the BGR nation.

6. I was able to see and cheer on my Boston ladies as I was running and they were running

After the race, I went to the African American History Museum with another Boston BGR member. two and half hours wasn't enough time. It was great


Four of my ladies ran 4.44 miles with to celebrate the start of my 44th year and the last day in April ( side note, the ladies had a "club party" for me on Sunday evening. So tired and cranky but they put me in my place and we had a great time)

State #36 Montana

State #36 Montana

State #35 New Mexico

State #35 New Mexico