Because of my Olympic watching obsession last night, I had a late start to my am run. So thankful for a cool 70 degree morning run.

Because of my late start I didn't run the route that I had planned on running. My feet took me towards a different direction. They ran by the harbor walk, up some road inclines, around some construction,  and through a park.

My mother use to tell me that if your feet hurt then your soul and the rest of you hurt as well.

Hence my question of the day: Where will your feet take you today? What will be your Foot-A-Tude of the day?

In the am run,  my feet and soul are happy. When I'm in the office, that can be a whole different story. It's important to be mindful of my Foot-A-Tude and the direction I want to take with them throughout the day.

Also the shoes you wear impacts that FOOT-A-TUDE. In my running shoes my TUDE, is badass. I feel comfortable and strong. 

I have a couple of "power heels" that give me the same feeling. They have a 6 hour life, after that, they have to come off. :).

Some things to keep your feet happy

I actually found a Spa called Happy Feet

Of course the classic Happy Feet the Movie


Hot Randomness before 7am

Hot Randomness before 7am

Not about Tommy but Nate and Rugby.  Passion

Not about Tommy but Nate and Rugby. Passion