Humpday= WTF before 6am

Humpday= WTF before 6am

Humpday = WTF day.

Way too many things going on before 6am on a 4.30 mile route on a Wednesday.

First thing, Fall is coming, Fall is coming. I have mixed emotions with that one. Normally around 4:30/5am there is light. Now it's still a bit dark (Fall is coming). Pretty soon I'm going to have to get out my reflective gear.

At 5:30am the light was slowly starting to come around. As I walked out onto the street I see a skunk. I thought it was dangerously funny thing to see. The skunk was on a garbage dump spree and got stuck in some trash. I was not trying to pull it out but I wanted to get close enough to take a picture but not too close. Ha!

People forgot that city/urban living, we still have all kinds of nocturnal animals out: skunks, raccoons..I've have even seen turkeys. I know they aren't nocturnal.

The skunk made me run a bit faster than usual for a morning start. :)

It was fairly humid out and the street lights were still shining bright. As I was running downstairs, I could see the lights of the city, since dawn hadn't fully hit. That was a bit of joy.

Running down the stairs and past the park, which was still locked, I saw a no drones sign. That was the first time I had seen that.  Do people own drones like that in East Boston.  I had never seen anyone with one.

And sure enough as I said that, I saw a young man with a drone going to the park.  No Frickin Way. LOL. I wanted to stop and ask him some questions, but I had running to do.

In the twilight/pre-dawn, this morning, people did not want to stop at stop signs. There was light and you could see the sign. There were several situations this morning where the driver did not want to stop. 

I clearly had the right away but one guy wanted to keep lie. He wouldn't stop.

When he did, he looked at me, as if it was my fault. I looked at him and pointed to the stop sign.  I know I called him a name (as I ran I wanted to hit his car, yell at him, and give him the finger. My inner Ohio had to calm my appropriated-boston-ness down. To be honest, I would have loved to have broken his window and pulled him out. Since I run alone and there were not a lot a people out, it was wise that I kept on going. Plus a week or so ago two women running ended up dead. There didn't need to be three.

Good thing I was running to cool myself off. Then I was back on track in the happy am running space. I ended the last two miles running along the water.

What caught my eye was a half drunken beer bottle along the water's edge. Either someone had a good evening or they got their morning started off right. LOL.

As I kept running along the Harborwalk I saw a family of 4 waiting for the water taxi. I hadn't seen that before, at least so early in the morning.

With the breeze blowing in my back and pushing me along, I ended up back home and finished the am Wednesday run.

Lots of activity going on for 4.30 miles before 6am.


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