Fearless Veteran's Day Run

Fearless Veteran's Day Run

I didn’t run 11.11 miles for Veteran’s day yesterday. Today, I ran 11.23 miles for Veteran’s holiday. This is the last long run before state #40, I wanted to run in a different spot because there was no school today and I wouldn’t be rushed. I planned on the Cambridge/Boston combo. At 5 am when I started it was dark and cold and lonely. Not a person or car in sight. After 2 miles I crossed the Charles and started running on the Boston side of the river. Several things happened when I crossed over.

  1. There was a young white boy running gang. These fellas didn’t have on any reflective gear and some had their hoodies on to cover their faces. I counted, they were a gang of eight. As I was running I felt something( someone behind me) and when I turned around there they were. I kept straight and they all veered off to the left. In the darkness

  2. Bikers had the lights. The lights on the running path came from all the bikers. Some had two lights( on head and bikes). I saw at least 5 of them.

  3. Light on man’s junk. As I was running I saw a light in the darkness. I thought it was a biker. No. It was man who had a reflective light on his groan area. Yes, the light was done there.

  4. Where are the ladies? I saw one asian ( asian-american) women running. As the daylight started to creep in, I saw 3 more women running

Then I crossed back over to the Cambridge side and………..

5. I fell. Mile 8.80 and it was light and people were around. Out of the blue, I wiped out and fell. I’m not sure what happened. When I did, there was a police officer who slowed down to make sure I got but up. I did

6. My hands hurt and I was feeling the pain of the fall.

7. 11.23 miles was did.

8. Around mile 7/8 I got tired but after the fall, mile 9 the energy came back.

Humpday artsy, lit, social justice kind of run

Humpday artsy, lit, social justice kind of run

Bursting  with color and sweat

Bursting with color and sweat